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Laundry Instructions

Laundry Instructions

1) Machine Wash

Sort out your table, bed and bath linen by fibre (polycotton, cotton , polyester ---).
Sort out by colors (White, pastel, dark colors and black).
Type of cloth (Bed linen, bath linen and Tablelinen)
Don’t include garments, which could damage the fabric (hooks, zippers, metals).
Embroideries and laces should be washed inside out.
Avoid using high heat temperature.

2) Detergent

Don’t add bleach or whiteners.
Don’t use powdered detergent.
Don’t use detergent which contains Alkali.
Detergent to be fully dissolved before touching the linen.

3) Drying

Don’t dry at high temperature.
Use medium fan and spin speed.
Remove from dryer before completely dry.

4) Ironing

Steam iron for cotton.
Iron the embroideries on reverse side.
Don’t iron the towels to keep the softness.

5) Storing

Linen should be stored flat.
Always ventilated.
Well dry.
Don’t expose the linen to direct sun light.

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